LG 50PK550: Great Plasma TV with Very Fair Price

July 9, 2011 3:28 am

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LG 50PK550

LG 50PK550: How good is it?

LG 50PK550. Before the 1995, Gold Star is not a high quality and high-end products manufacturer. However it’s change on 1995 when the company changes their name to LG. Today they offer home theaters products that absolutely competitive and very successful in combine fair price and high quality.

LG 50PK550 is one of their best product. Soon as you brought it, you’ll notice that even a strong adult man has trouble lifting it from the box. This is rather unusual since most new TV getting lighter. But the design overall performance is stylish and elegant.

On the back of LG 50PK550 sit the usual three HDMI ports. However, the TV has, in contrast to most previous models, only one scart interface. However, this is not a bad improvement.

In addition to the scart socket provides the LG 50PK550 component video and VGA inputs for connecting computers HD and analog video sources. Also, a digital audio output for connecting to an AV receiver.

Although many TVs offer tons of connections and functions – but all this is useless if the image is no good. Therefore built into the LG 50PK550 a THX-certified panel. This means that a film is on display calibrated perfectly for playback of movies and looks the way it has provided the director. Some people believe that THX is not worth for the money, but we have completely different experiences.

The THX mode on LG 50PK550 offers two options: one for the evening and a movie experience at daylight for normal televisions. LG 50PK550 has both an integrated DVB-T and a DVB-C tuner. Both supported MPEG-4 decoding and thus are HD-capable. In addition, the head of one of the TV tuner received 5.1 audio via its digital audio output on to an AV receiver. The latter works well when playing multimedia files from USB storage devices.

We are not disappointed with the LG 50PK550: Almost all recorded movies run smoothly – including MKV containers with MPEG-4 in 720p and 1080p resolution. The picture quality on LG 50PK550 is good, and navigation through the files reacts as fast as we have so far not even seen with stand-alone media players. The Dolby Digital soundtrack of the TV works perfectly.

We had not expected such a cheap TV with such a feature, so it works well. Even movies with very high bit-rate run smoothly, which works only in a minority of media players.

During our test, we find that the built-in DVB-T tuner has to deal with reception problems. We do not know why, but the Panasonic VIERA TC-P50GT25 with the same antenna doesn’t have the same issue. It is possible that the LG 50PK550 not shielded as the Panasonic model, or simply has a poor tuner on board. This results in occasional freezes, encountered especially in areas with poor reception.

The sound quality of the LG 50PK550 is not bad at all for a flat screen TV. However, the bass is simply nonexistent.

However, the same applies here, what we say with every flat-review: If you buy a flat screen television for less than $ 2,000, absolutely need to invest additional money in a decent sound system. Even the plugging of simple computer speakers often brings a significant improvement.

There is a big doubtfulness for us before the test, whether such a Plasma TV with such equipment able to provides a good image quality. But the test result shows the opposite, the LG 50PK550 provides a clear image picture.

With HD-TV via DVB-C, the image of the LG 50PK550 is outstanding. It looks sharp, without unnatural look. It gets so many details out of the highly compressed material, as simply as possible.

LG 50PK550

Blu-ray movies like Casino Royale and District 9 chase us out totally from the stool. During our test we use for most of the THX Movie Mode, the money really is absolutely worth it. The colors shown here – as usual with movie modes – a bit pale, but they are very accurate. The reproduction of detail is overwhelming and makes the image alive and realistic.

LG 50PK550: Conclusion

If a 50-inch television is on the shopping list, buyers should not sit here any longer, but go immediately to the nearest electronics store and get the LG 50PK550. Because we have never seen a TV that offers so much for $ 1,100 – both in terms of features as well as the image quality. LG: You did a great job and certainly built one of the best Plasma HDTV of the year.

This plasma HDTV has received rave reviews from most consumers on the net with an average of 4.5 out of 5 from most reviewers on Amazon and the LG website itself. But we think the LG 50PK550 deserves for 5 stars.

Here are some of the comments to date:
“Great HDTV for the money!!!”
“Amazing TV”
“The best value out there!”
“Excellent choice at the price point”

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